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our wide selection of Indian fenders and accessories

2002-2013 Vintage Chief Fender Tips

fender_tips_02-03_chief_1.jpg Oh so sweet... These die-cast aluminum chrome vintage fender tips will really make your Indian stand out. You won't believe the quality of these things. (Limited supply) : $199.95

26-215 Fender Isolation Kit Complete

26-215B.jpg Part# 26-215.
This is the full kit that was supplied by Indian for the rear fender isolation upgrade. Kit comes with a copy of original instructions from IMC Gilroy.

: $85.04

99-01 Chief Isolation Pads

fender_iso_pads.jpg These pads were part of a fender upgrade kit installed of many of the 1999-2001 Indian Chiefs to prevent cracking of the rear fender. Install new ones on your bike, or replace your old, worn out pads. : $34.88

26-186 Rear Fender Isolator Pad

26-186.jpg Part# 26-186.
Rear Fender Isolator Pad
Fits 1999-2001 Indian Chief rear fenders : $14.64

96-198 Rubber Washer

96-198.jpg Part# 96-198
Rubber Washer. Fits 1999-2001 Indian Chief rear fenders. : $1.40

Fender Sideplates

fender_sideplates.jpg Our reinforcement sideplates for Indian Chief rear fenders are welded from the inside to beef up the weak areas where cracks develop. Use 'em to help repair the cracks you have, or to stop cracking in the first place. Laser cut for a perfect fit every time.
: $37.50

26-151 License Plate Mount Kit

26-151.jpg Part# 26-151
Chrome License Plate Mount Kit. Fits all Indian models 1999-2003.

: $41.20

26-152 License Mount Isolation Rubbers

26-152.jpg Part# 26-152
License Mount Isolation Rubbers, flat & wedge. Fits all Indian models 1999- 2003.
: $6.28

27-750 License Plate Rubber Mount

27-750.jpg Part# 27-750
License Plate Rubber Mount. Fits all Indian models 1999-2003. : $3.56

Fender Edge Molding

26-530cg.jpg This is the same molding the factory was using on the fenders of the Chief. The Chrome molding is now available. : $2.65

Saddlebag Eyebrows

9901-sbe.jpg Chrome Saddlebag Eyebrows, Fit 1999-2001 Indian Chief.

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK 01/12/2024 : $0.00

2002-03 Saddlebag Eyebrows

30-010.jpg Chrome Saddlebag Eyebrows, Fit 2002-2003 Indian Chief.
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK 02/25/2024 : $0.00

97-080 Rear Fender Bolt

96-931.jpg Part# 97-080.
Rear Fender Attachment Bolt, Fit 2000-2003 Scout & Spirit.
: $2.88

96-931 Eyebrow Bolt

96-931.jpg Part# 96-931.
Saddlebag Eyebrow Bolt, Fits All 1999-2003 Indian Chief.

: $2.98

96-197A Fender Shoulder Bolt

96-197.jpg Part# 96-197A.
Rear Fender Mounting Bolt, Fits 1999-2001 Indian Chief, with fender isolator kit.

: $9.76

96-918 Fender Cup Washer

96-918.jpg Part# 96-918.
Rear Fender Side Cup washer, Fits 1999-2001 Indian Chief, with or without fender isolator kit.
: $2.48

96-060PSS Front Fender Mounting Bolt 1999-2000 Chief

96-060ps.jpg Part# 96-060PSS
Stainless Steel Front Fender Mounting Bolt
Fits 1999-2000 Indian Chiefs : $1.38

96-919 Front Fender Washer

96-919.jpg Part# 96-919.
Stainless Steel Front Fender Mounting Washer. Fits 1999-2004 Indian Chiefs. : $1.46

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